Ecobrick and Espe's purpose of collecting it:

Ecobrick is a type of building block or brick that is made entirely of non-recyclable plastics.

This material is formed by filling a bottle with dry and clean plastic that is non-recyclable, and it can be used in all kinds of sustainable construction projects; That makes them a great way to dispose of plastic waste that would otherwise be incinerated, or end up in landfills and potentially the oceans. Note that these bottles do not have a structural role and are supposed to be used in covering and separating walls such as partitions.

Espe has a plan to collect ecobricks from all over Iran and use them to build the buildings needed in the deprived areas. If you are a resident of Iran and want to participate in this charity and sustainable project, just compress your non-recyclable plastic waste into PET containers and deliver it to us. For more information, visit Ecobrick’s highlight on Espe’s Instagram page (green.espe) and stay with us.

Materials that can be used to fill bottles

1. All kinds of freezer bags and non-degradable garbage (only if the recycling center of your place of residence does not receive it from you)

2. All types of foam and unolite

3. Packaging of chips, puffs, ice cream, cakes, biscuits, etc.

4. Cigarette filter without paper cover

5. All kinds of plastic gloves and disposable masks (completely clean and dry)

6. Pieces of colorful plastic for decorating parties and balloons

7. All kinds of non-recyclable and non-degradable plastic straws or disposable containers

8. Cellophane and plastic wraps

9. All kinds of adhesive tapes and plastic labels

10. All kinds of combined plastic squeeze tubes of toothpaste and… non-recyclable

11. Plastic packaging of factory pasta or beans (only if the recycling center where you live does not pick it up from you)

12. Tablet packaging sheet

Ecobrick and Espe's purpose of collecting it:

Dry and clean the plastic drink bottle completely.

Make sure that the material of the bottle is PET. (Bottles of mineral water, dessert, soft drinks, clear bottles of milk, etc.)

Clean and chop the residues mentioned in the above list, then pour them into the bottle.

Using a long object such as a stick, push the waste down and compress them until the bottle is completely tight.

Close it and store it.

👌Tip 1:

Be sure to make sure that they are dry and clean before putting these ingredients into the bottle.

👌Tip 2:

Be sure to use the waste of the mentioned items. Using new or recyclable materials such as metals, glass or even recyclable plastics to produce ecobrick is considered a waste of national resources.

👌Tip 3:

Do not use wet or degradable waste (such as paper towels, plant containers or paper) in any way. Because over time, their volume may decrease.

👌Tip 4:

The ideal weight of ecobrics based on the volume of the bottle for delivery to Speh:

250 ml: 100 grams

500 ml: 180 grams

600 ml: 200 grams

1 liter: 370 grams

1/5 liter: 500 grams

2 liters: 650 grams

👌Tip 5:

These bottles play the same role as bricks in covering and separating walls. So it is obvious that it is better to have the same sizes. 1.5 liter bottles are the first priority, but we accept other bottles as well.

Ecobrick and fire:

The flammability of ecobrick wall is not as much as we imagine and this issue has several reasons:

  • One of the characteristics of ecobrick that greatly reduces its weakness against fire is its compression. As it is much more difficult to set fire to a large piece of wood compared to small pieces of wood.
    But it is clear that eventually both will burn. You cannot prevent burning, but you can maximize its safety.
  • The minimum density standard of ecobrick is 3300 grams per milliliter, and the lower this number is, the higher its ignition power.
    That is why it was said to compress it completely and deliver it to us.
    Otherwise, we have to open the bottle to fill it.
  • Ecobricks will be buried inside the wall with a mixture of mud, cement and sand with a diameter of about three to five centimeters. Therefore, in the event of a fire, it will take a long time for the fire to penetrate inside the wall, and by then evacuation will definitely be done. .
  • The buildings that will be built with this wall are one story with limited dimensions and a simple plan. For this reason, in case of fire, they will be evacuated quickly.
  • Ecobrick does not have a structural role in the building, so in the event of a fire, the building will take a long time to collapse.
  • Ecobrick is only used outdoors as a pillar or wall support.
  • The way to implement the ecobrick wall with the vertical method is that the space in which the ecobricks are placed is not integrated, so the fire cannot be easily transferred from one part to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only PET materials such as mineral water bottles, soft drinks, buttermilk, Delaster or clear milk bottles. Except for the milk bottle, which is only transparent, the color of the rest of the bottles does not matter. They must be completely clean and dry before use.

Crushing plastics helps a lot to compress them better. The smaller the waste is cut into pieces, the easier it will be to achieve the standard weight of Ecobrick and the less energy required to compress them.

It should harden like a piece of brick. To the extent that it does not change shape when an adult human stands on it.

no Ecobrick strength is more important than ideal weight. If you are sure that there are no voids in it and it is completely hardened, then your ecobrick is ready and the small amount of weight loss can be ignored.

There is no limit. Any time and any number of ecobricks can be received. Join your provincial group for more detailed information.

In each province, representatives have volunteered to guide you, dear ones, and you can contact them to send eco-bricks. Otherwise, you can send your ecobricks directly to the address below. It should be noted that since this survey is currently public and is not covered by any organization or organization, the cost of sending eco-bricks is your responsibility.

Postal address for sending Ecobrick:

No. 19, 20 Pirouzi St., Sari.

Postal code: 4818896581

Phone number:

09120644202 (only on WhatsApp)

7- 011-33202085

Espeh Nature Friendly Group

Please use gray water or a damp cloth to wash the residue. (Grey water: wastewater or waste water created by people at home. Such as the wastewater from washing dishes in the kitchen. You can spread your non-recyclable plastic waste on the floor of the sink when washing dishes so that they are also washed with the produced wastewater. )

A number of centers that receive the metallized in bulk end up separating it and throwing it away, because it has very little benefit from a material point of view and is considered a waste.
However, it is always said that the recycling of this type of waste in Iran is very limited.
If you know a center that recycles them, deliver them. Otherwise, they will definitely get lost in nature and it is better to put them in ecobrick

It is better for these infectious items to be clean, dry, crushed and finally exposed to sunlight before entering the eco-brick, then after separating the fabric and cotton parts such as mask straps, be sure to put them in a separate bottle.

Akareon content

Do not throw any recyclable waste into the eco-bricks, such as paper, metals, glasses, recycled plastics, etc.

The bottles you use for ecobrick must be clean and dry. But cleaning and drying some bottles is difficult and may waste a lot of water. For example, degreasing oil containers will waste a lot of water, and also because oil bottles are very diverse in terms of shape and size, the possibility of collecting a large number of same-sized and same-shaped eco-brics from oil containers will be negligible.
So preferably use 1.5 liter bottles of mineral water, soft drinks, dlster, clear milk containers.

Yes, just be sure to note that the cigarette must be completely used and its tobacco must not be poured into the eco-brick.
If you are a smoker yourself and collect them, try to remove the paper cover.

And be sure to get a separate bottle for cigarette filters.

How to send

Please get help from the representatives of each province, whose Telegram IDs and contact numbers have been placed on this page.

Ecobrick information channels:

Please choose from the following WhatsApp groups:

List of honorable representatives of the provinces

azarbaijan sharghi:

Mr. Javadzadeh: 09391377001

Mrs. Nasiri: 09392731869

Mrs. Karimi: 09143406927

Ms. Pashaei (Urmia): 09369539804

Mrs. Aghili: 09141540113

Ms. Sarbazvatan: 09126994869

Mrs. Shahbazi (Gategate area): 09132087223

Mr. Rahmani (Lale St. area): 09131373793

Mrs. Maleki (Zarinshahr and Lanjan): 09331947986

Ms. Safaei (Shafaq, Qamiyeh and Darcheh areas): 09377406543

Mrs. Mousavi (Shahin Shahr): 09398204903

Mrs. Moini (Najafabad): 09137857944

Mrs. Jafari (Chaharbagh Bala area): 09133190926

Mrs. Heydari (Moshtaq first area): 09351852495

Mrs. Jahangiri (Sheikh Sadouq area): 09301263024

Mr. Abolhosseini (house of Isfahan): 09138153643

Mrs. Ardestani (Baharestan region): 09132288398

Mrs. Shahi: 09125267061

Ms. Farhangi (Karaj): 09334231603

Mr. Turabi (Karaj): 09126082751

Waiting for representative

Mrs. Pertoui: 09904978647

Mrs. Rezaei (District 7, Abbas Abad, Motahari, etc.): 09375767307

Mrs. Esmaili (Gharb region, Marzdaran, Region 2): 09123054415

Mrs. Ajam (region 3 and 1): 09126541473

Mrs. Zasat (Shahriar): 09332097833

Ms. Suzan Yar (Region 2): 09128505582

Mrs. Meshkani (Bomhan): 09364676253

Mrs. Azarbaijani (bird): 09337717795

Mrs. Abedini (Parand, Shahryar): 09124266597

Mrs. Ghanbari (West): 09129274268

Mr. Valian (East): 09905296533

Mrs. Tave Paror (region 4 and 11): 09191025571

Mrs. Tave Paror (region 4 and 11): 09109513929

Mrs. Hemti (Region 5): 09013776768

Ms. Fethullahi Nik (District 17): 09194445902

Mrs. Salvati (Varamin): 09198045545

Zahra Abbasi (Islamshahr): 09044297378

Mrs. Mokhtari: 09138794042

Mrs. Ghahrani (Mashhad): 09151044956

Mrs. Salari (Mashhad): 09128041399

Mr. Abbasi (Mashhad): 09157028082

Mr. Sadeghi (Nishabur): 09355174883

Ms. Fuladin (Torbat Heydarieh): 09388896976

Ms. Raiszadeh (Kashmir): 09388090615

Mrs. Sharifi (Gonabad): 09922082180

Mrs. Bagheri (Khaf and Torbat Jam): 09396016744

Mrs. Bagheri (Khaf and Torbat Jam): 09157603645

Mrs. Atai: 09017933063

Mrs. Attaran: 09151870837

Mrs. Kothari (Shirvan): 09100531938

Mrs. Talebi (Shirvan): 09181691730

Mr. Mousavi: 09388209049

Mrs. Maqsoodian: 09366550974

Ms. Nasiminejad: 09126411481

Mrs. Hosni: 09388155093

Mrs. Sarabi: 09194403370

Mrs. Molashahi: 09151952406

Mrs. Shirazi: 09164016700

Mrs. Bizikian (Kazron): 09107181920

Mrs. Shokargar: 09397112265

Mrs. Izadi (Abadeh): 09170441812

Mrs. Noorani: 09044794945

Mrs. Hosseini: 09196598986

Mrs. Shams: 09190450512

Ms. Najafali: 09127580431

Mrs. Pourhabib: 09187708104

Mrs. Fatahi (Sanandaj): 09186667672

Mrs. Soleimani: 09389467166

Mrs. Nik Tabab: 09136599058

Mr. Rahimi: 09352395752

Mrs. Dosti: 09183306246

Mrs. Annamradi: 09112787721

Ms. Georgia: 09392054447

Mr. Ghorbani: 09111820037

Mrs. Rezaei (Monastery): 09118145113

Mrs. Nowrozi (Khorramabad): 09358982025

Ms. Gerji (Behshahr): 09392054447

Mrs. Ghorbani (Babolsar): 09112146445

Mr. Fathi (Sari): 09354124066

Mrs. Kalhor (Chalos): 09381652621

Ms. Ferdowsi: 09125362470

Mrs. Taqvi (Saveh): 09127565928

Mrs. Hosseini (Khomein): 09383353203

Mrs. Emadi Fard: 09183657698

Mrs. Kiwani: 09173673345

Mrs. Ansarian: 09183507783

Mrs. Nouri: 09213473392

Mrs. Dashti: 09162179775

Ms. Falahzadeh (Abarkoh): 09139698857

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