Structure Design
Espeh structure design group includes structural engineers who have the ability to design and calculate the most complex structures.
Architectural Design
Espeh Architecture Group consists of creative and up-to-date engineers in the field of architecture. This group has professional activities in the fields of interior design, facade, green space and renovation in all architectural styles. These services include two-dimensional map design of phases one and two and three-dimensional design of all designed spaces.
Monitoring Group
After receiving the design services from us or our dear colleagues, you can entrust the monitoring of your project to the Amin Espeh monitoring group.
Advisory Group
If you are planning to design or build a project, Espeh Consulting Engineers Group is ready to serve you dear ones. To advance a construction project professionally and economically, you will definitely need a group of expert consultants.
Executive Group
Just by reviewing our executive records in the website gallery, you will find out the age and executive power of Espe. Implementation and renovation of all buildings such as villas, apartments, townships, bridges and other structures are within the scope of the capabilities of the Espeh executive group.

About Us

Since 1365, Espeh Technical and Engineering Group has been providing technical and engineering services to our dear compatriots. This group, which is also a member of the Iranian Engineering Organization, has successfully completed many projects throughout Iran. The services of this department (white department) include architectural and structural design, implementation, supervision and construction consulting.

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بانک ملی ایران
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