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Espeh non-governmental group regularly plant seedlings every week in different parts of Iran. We intend to create a greener future for this land with your help.
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Why should you plant seedlings?

We create many disturbances in the natural system that we are not aware of

Calculating the carbon footprint means estimating the amount of greenhouse gases produced by a person, event, product or activity.

Due to the large amount of data required, it is not possible to accurately calculate the release rate of all toxins produced by a lifestyle. For this reason, the carbon footprint is a very important measure to understand the impact of our lifestyle on global warming.

By filling this form, you can be aware of the relative damage of your lifestyle to nature. You will eventually realize how many saplings you need to plant in your lifetime to offset just the greenhouse gases produced in your lifetime!

To order seedlings, choose the area you want and enter the relevant information. Immediately after placing the order, you can download its electronic birth certificate from this address: user account > orders > display > get the seedling’s electronic birth certificate

Your sapling will be planted within 15 days and by scanning the code on the birth certificate, you can get the photo and specifications of the planted sapling. The details of the seedling will be available on the website for three months after uploading, and then it will be archived.

Your Questions

Espeh tries to encourage people to plant more saplings by clarifying their activities. In the following, we will address some of the frequently asked questions of users.

The place of planting seedlings may be different according to the species, age, climate and time of planting. Saplings are planted to strengthen the growing area, and ordering saplings in Hyrkani, etc. does not mean planting a tree in the forest. This planting may be done in villages, universities, towns, schools, forest edges and other public or semi-public spaces under supervision. Refer to our blogs for more detailed information about the main nursery locations.

The selected tree is fully compatible with the region’s climate and is a native plant. These seedlings are procured from licensed nurseries and their health is fully confirmed and free from any pests. For more information on choosing seedling species for planting, visit our blogs.

We believe that the planting of saplings should be done completely without waste and without narrowing the area on the tree. Therefore, we chose cards made of plant-nourishing fertilizer as plaques so that after documenting, the leg of the seedling is buried and it feeds the plant’s roots.

It is obvious that following the approach away from the consumerism of Espe, a physical birth certificate will not be sent to people, and an electronic birth certificate will be provided to you. Get. After three months of planting the seedlings, the images will be deleted from the website and transferred to the archive.

According to the investigations carried out by Spah experts before planting, it is expected that if there are no unforeseen factors, a very large percentage of planted seedlings will experience middle age. The nativeness of the selected species and the correct planting conditions make the seedlings do not need long-term treatment and adapt to the climatic conditions very quickly. On the other hand, planting in monitored places keeps them away from animal and human bites.

In general, our statistics over the past years show that more than 85% of the seedlings bear fruit without any problems.

Espeh will do its best to plant seedlings as soon as possible after placing the order. But due to the multitude of factors necessary for proper planting, it may take up to three months to receive a photo of the seedlings for orders placed in the hot or very cold months of the year.

Preparation of trees, transport to the desired area, planting, initial watering, preparation of license plates, documentation and basic services of sapling care. The responsibility for the long-term maintenance of the saplings will be the responsibility of the sponsors.

According to many legal cases, the ordering person is not the owner of the planted sapling and this purchase is only a gift to our mother earth… Therefore, to prevent any harvesting, destruction or ownership claim in the future, the location of the sapling is approximately and with an error of approximately 50 meters will be provided to the customer. The customer can visit the area where his seedlings are planted at any time. To see the status of seedlings planted by Espe, follow us on Instagram pages:


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