1. As an environmental group, we are interested in communicating with the best in each field and with the help of each other, implement green ideas that are applicable. Therefore, Espeh Group is very eager to provide an opportunity to offer cooperation proposals.
  2. The environmental services of the company “Ambassadors of Peace with Nature of Espeh” are as follows:
  3. Planting
  4. Green services to companies and organizations
  5. Calculating the carbon footprint of CFP organizations
  6. Life cycle estimation of LCA products
  7. Organizing field and organizational events (nature cleanup, art event, plugging, etc.)
  8. Consulting, design, implementation, analysis and audit of the building with domestic and international green building standards
  9. Holding educational workshops in Persian and English
  10. Holding an ecotour with the approach of getting to know and touching nature
  11. Launching the first nature-friendly goods store in Iran
  12. Design and manufacture of waste separation bins and compost production
  13. Cooperation with artists and implementation of art projects in the field of environment
  14. Making ecobricks and ecobrick elements

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