Planting saplings in Zagros region

250.000 Toman

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The Espe family regularly dedicates every month (September to May) to cleaning nature and planting trees in different areas of Mazandaran province. You can participate in this beautiful work by ordering the planting of a tree in this time frame and take a step for the settlement of this border.

The selected tree is fully compatible with the region’s climate and is a native plant. It is also about three years old so it can be planted at any time of the year. These seedlings are purchased from a licensed greenhouse and their health is fully confirmed and free of any pests.

The amount received is used in the following cases:

  • Buy a tree
  • Shipping to the desired area
  • planting
  • Fertilizer is in the form of a soil nutrient card and this card is buried at the foot of the planted seedling. (plate in your name)
  • Primary irrigation


After the sapling is planted, an electronic birth certificate containing the photo, age, geographic location, date of planting, type of tree, code and “name(s) mentioned in the description” will be sent to you. To know the exact date and place of planting your tree and visit it if you wish. You can also follow our activities on the green.espe Instagram page.


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