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A brief introduction to botany in Iran

It is very important how people look at nature when they enter it. Of course, there are people who have stepped into nature for years, but how many percent of these people have known it exactly, or at least looked at it with the eyes of a seeker, is something to think about. Due to Iran’s special geographical location, location between two seas, its special topography and many other factors, special and unique animal and plant species can be found everywhere in our country. Iran’s plant diversity is so wide that it is unique among other countries in the Middle East region. Iran has 8000 native species, that is, 8000 different creatures with different names for each of them.

Naming plants

If we know the plantain tree by this name, this name is the name of the place that Iranians know it by this name and other countries of the world do not know it by this name. In addition, a plant can have different local names and be read in different ways in different dialects. To create harmony, the international nomenclature system is used, which is based on genus, genus and species names.

Family: Family is a large classification unit, for example, 8000 plant species native to Iran are placed in 1400 genera and 156 families. A genus includes several genera that share several traits. In botany, the family of plants usually ends with ceae. such as Asteraceae

Genus: usually consists of a number of species that have close similarities to each other. In Iran, the largest genus in terms of the number of species is Astragalus, which has about 800 species in Iran.

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Species: The species includes collections that have many morphological and physiological similarities and can reproduce together and create an organism similar to itself. The species name is often related to the species attribute. Like tricolor meaning three colors or the place where the iranica, luristanica plant grows. Usually the name of the genus starts with a capital letter and the name of the species starts with a small letter and both are written in italics.

Asteraceae/  Xanthium spinosum   – زردینه خاردار


Acquaintance with Iran’s representative plants, Dr. Valiolah Mozaffarian- Mehkame Publications

Nature tour with Iranian plants, Majid Eskandari- Iranology Publications

Table of Contents

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